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Landmark Title Services Inc. has a knowledgeable, experienced, and highly trained team equipped to handle a wide range of real property transactions as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Power of Attorney (POA)

If your seller need a POA, we will be happy to prepare one for a flat fee and coordinate the execution of the Power of Attorney with your seller. If the seller already has a POA in existence, please send it to us in advance for review and for the title insurance underwriter’s approval to ensure it complies with any applicable laws in the jurisdiction where the property is located. Please note we will need the original Power of Attorney at time of closing for recording.

  1. Walk-through Problems

Please notify us as soon as possible after the walk-through, so that we may help try to resolve the problems prior to settlement, or at least be prepared to address the issues at settlement.

  1. FHA Payoffs

To avoid paying the next month’s interest, all FHA loans need to be received by the existing lender on or before the first day of the month. If your seller has an FHA payoff, we would advise to schedule settlement several business days in advance of the end of the month to avoid that extra payment (if settlement is delayed for any reason).

  1. Seller Entity

If your seller is a LLC, Corporation, Partnership, Foreign Seller, Non-Resident Seller, Estate or Trust, please notify us so that we may contact your seller for the necessary documentation that must be provided to us in advance for review and approval.

  1. Divorce

If the sale is part of a divorce, please notify us so that we may be prepared to handle any special funding requirements or avoid any arguments between the two sellers at settlement. Any split of the proceeds check will need to be agreed to by both parties and written authorization provided to the settlement company.

  1. Rent Back

Please notify us of the date through which the seller will rent back and of the amount of the security deposit. Having this information prior to settlement will allow us to place these figures on the settlement sheet and allow settlement to proceed without delay. Please contact us if you would like us to prepare the Post Settlement Occupancy Agreement.

  1. Special Circumstances

Please advise us for following circumstances in advance –

  • Seller unable to attend closing but wants to sign papers personally in advance of settlement.
  • Special wiring instructions.
  • Special disbursement instructions such as an assignment of funds requirement or a split proceeds requirement.
  • Bills payable from seller on the settlement sheet (it would be helpful if we had copies of the invoices prior to closing).
  • Negative proceeds – contact us for an estimated Seller HUD-1 or CD
  • Coordination of back-to-back settlements.
  • Special requirements such as a language barrier, disability, hearing or sight impairment.
  • Any tension between buyer and seller.
  1. Home Equity Line

If the seller have an equity line, it is imperative that the seller do not use that line of credit from this date forward so as to allow us to obtain an accurate payoff. Also, if the seller currently have the payment on auto debit, please cancel this at least 10 days prior to settlement.

Landmark Title Services will provide all of your real estate transactions in Virginia, Maryland and DC metro area. Conveniently located within Virginia and Maryland our settlement agents can always be flexible in closing location and settlement time.

Landmark Title Services: Our Locations

1960 Gallows Rd, suite 110A, Vienna, VA 22182

9841 Washingtonian Blvd, Suite 200, Gaithersburg, MD 20878. Settlement Office located in RIO Lakefront, free garage parking on right side

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