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Q & A

What does a title company do?

Our job is to coordinate the interests of all parties involved in a real estate transaction including sellers, buyers, lenders and real estate agents. A title company has the responsibility for ensuring that all the documents related to the ownership of a property are in order and free from any encumbrances or title defects before real estate transactions are executed. The title company also provides an agent to oversee the closing process and provide insurance that protects buyers and lenders in the event that legal issues emerge after a real estate transaction reaches its conclusion. The steps include but not limited to: title search and abstract, closing package, title policy, survey, property taxes and documents recording in county.

What is title insurance? Do I need Title Insurance?

Title insurance policy protects lenders or owners against claims or legal fees that may arise from disputes over the ownership of the property. There are two main type of title insurance: owner title policy, which can purchased at settlement for the benefit of the new owner, and lender title policy, which is required by the mortgage company and protects the lender’s investment in the property.

Definitely Yes! It is strongly recommended that all buyers receive an owner’s title insurance policy to protect them against any unforeseen claims, hidden risks, or fraud against the property.

Who attends settlements?

Purchasers/borrower and seller are required to attend in person. Most time in sale cases, buyer and seller agents attend settlement as well. There will also be a closing agent from Landmark Title Services to bring all the documents to the table and explain it to all parties.

What if I cannot attend the settlements?

A power of attorney can be used in case that sellers or buyers cannot attend the settlements. “A power of attorney authorizes another person to sign documents on your behalf and must be prepared, signed and notarized. “ If you need a POA, we will be happy to prepare one for a flat fee and coordinate the execution of the Power of Attorney with you. Please note we will need the original Power of Attorney at time of closing for recording.

Why do I need a survey for a new purchase?

The purchaser will need a survey to identify problems that the seller would be required to correct prior to settlement, rather than purchasing an unknown problem. A survey is the only reliable way of obtaining and confirming basic information about a property. Besides, a lender may also require a survey for a purchase case.

  • A survey shows the location and existence of the property.
  • It shows the relationship of the property to adjoining properties.
  • It establishes discrepancies between actual occupation or use and the description of record.
  • It indicates the location of physical improvements in relation to the property lines and etc.

Landmark Title Services will provide all of your real estate transactions in Virginia, Maryland and DC metro area. Conveniently located within Virginia and Maryland our settlement agents can always be flexible in closing location and settlement time.

Landmark Title Services: Our Locations

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