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JOB TITLE: Real Estate Analyst

Provide financial analysis on regular basis for the company and clients for a variety of functions related to residential, commercial, and rental real estate transactions in MD, VA and D.C. areas. Specific job duties as follows: Market Research & Analysis using Power BI or R Studio: perform in-depth industry, market and competitor research on market rents, gross yields, net cap rates, optimal purchase price, vacancy rates, location nuances, and market trends mainly in VA, MD & DC areas; Gather, review & validate market reports; Track economic & performance indicators within real estate market to prepare the company for upcoming market trend and future plans. Develop and Maintain Database using SAS or MySQL: Develop and maintain an effective and updated database of market factors including lease rates, vacancy rates, net absorption, cap rates, etc., which covers all existing and prospective markets, database of primary marketing channels and contacts; Coordinate information regarding market data, occupancy data, expense analysis, aerials, maps & rent/sales. Develop and Execute Financial Models using Excel VBA or Business Objects: Develop & execute complex real estate financial models and spreadsheets with advanced analytical tools to perform financial analysis functions to improve effectiveness. Design financial analysis models for sales approach, cost approach valuation methods and cash flow, including Comparable Property Sales Models and Construction Cost Models. Responsible for risk and contingency on Acquisition and Investment using SAP: Interface with the local brokerage community to farm deals for acquisition and create business contacts; Analyze opportunities to enhance value of assets owned and acquisitions; For potential real estate investments, identify and analyze major risks and contingency affecting real estate acquisition and investment opportunities. Work on Finance in Closing and Reconcile Transaction using Salesforce and Title Express: Responsible for all financial matters surrounding closing and reconcile transactions, including a three-way monthly reconciliation report review, escrow account daily management including the opening of escrows and arrange for the wiring of money, responsible for escrow account draw processes and procedures, and funding exception in closing. Conduct Presentation and Recommendation using Tableau: Prepare and present results of analysis of real estate investment, draw objective conclusions, create financial summaries, customize reports, make presentation of findings, analysis & recommendations about current and future financial management strategies to clients and management group.

At least a Bachelor’s degree in finance or a closely related discipline with minimum 1 year of experience working as Financial Analyst or a closely related position. Experience to include at least 1 year of experience working on designing financial analysis models; identifying & analyzing major risks; working with Power BI; SAS; Excel VBA; SAP; Salesforce; Tableau.

HOURS: M-F, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

JOB LOCATION: Vienna, VA 22182.

CONTACT: Email resume referencing job code #RSA11052021LTS to Landmark Title Services Inc. at

Landmark Title Services will provide all of your real estate transactions in Virginia, Maryland and DC metro area. Conveniently located within Virginia and Maryland our settlement agents can always be flexible in closing location and settlement time.

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